Retirement in Phuket

Retirement in Phuket can be wonderful. Retiring in Phuket would be in the same price range as those who wish to retire in Hua Hin. The accommodation pricing and cost of living would be very similar. These locations are good.

Retirement in Phuket

Phuket however is much more scenic and lively than Hua Hin with a bit of Pattaya thrown in and scenery from Chiang Mai. It’s a perfect combination of attractive mountain scenery, dense jungle and loads of picturesque islands off the coast, to the lively bars and nightclubs clubs and also its nightlife. It’s almost like heaven.Many who retire in Thailand ;love Phuket.


There are numerous options in Phuket when it comes to accommodation. Most expats who have retired in Phuket tend to buy as the property is seen as a good investment. They are correct as property prices have increased enormously over the past 10 years. Had you purchased property 10 years ago and sold it today you would have done better than the stock market. Property is limited as the island is not very big and the number of retirees are increasing in number.

Many buy their property and rent it to others through an agent in order to make money off their retirement investment. Property in Phuket will set you back at least 2 million THB plus and rentals depends on what you are renting. Homes are in the 15,000 THB per month plus category but you do find cheaper options even though there are not many.


Many foreigners when on holiday in Phuket also like to have their teeth done as the prices are not very high and the quality of workmanship is very good. Phuket has a number of dental clinics where the level of English is good. There are also a number of hospitals such as Bangkok Hospital which is a private hospital chain in Thailand. There is also Phuket International and their costs vary for an overnight stay as it costs between 700 and 5000 baht per day. The healthcare overall is excellent with main choices and options.


There are a number of clubs on the island both heavy rock and jazz. With the option of visiting the islands for the day. Maybe wondering through the nightlife on Phuket during the late afternoon and at night. There are also a full range of clubs and cafes to spend your time at. There is the Banana disco which is the oldest disco in Phuket. Also also the D Club and Baya club is that is your scene. Koh Phi Phi Island visits with Phuket aquarium and the Insect museum just one of the many places to spend your time. There is also an excellent golf course and driving ranges. The options are simply to numerous to mention.

Overall Phuket makes for a good retirement option. Mainly as it is also a short flight away from Bangkok. Also just about any cheap discounted flights to anywhere in Asia. With so many options and its location, scenery and weather it is hard to beat.

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