Retire in Huahin

Do you want to retire in Huahin? Huahin is approximately 3 hours south of Bangkok along the gulf of Thailand. It’s is becoming a favorite retirement place because of its beaches, great seafood restaurants and some best golf courses.

Retire in Huahin

If you want to enjoy your retirement in Huahin, there are good accommodations that are fit for western standards. What makes interesting to retire in Huahin is the mix of people you will find here. The community is a good mix of Huahin locals, Thai tourists and expats all over the world. Always ensure that you obtain a retirement visa and look at buying property before you settle in Thailand.


There is an abundant supply of fresh sea foods in Huahin, shrimps, crabs, and fish. Huahin has a diverse selection of Thai and international cuisine. Thai food is everywhere and street vendors are selling somtam (papaya salad), skewered meat and fried noodles. Eating by the beach is also an option. There are some sheltered restaurants have beach chairs, tables and umbrellas


Huahin has a white sandy beach with a 5 kilometer length is lined with a wide range of accommodations, from bungalows to five star hotels and resorts. If you want to retire in Huahin, a house near the beach is very relaxing. It is a nice place for walking, jogging and sunbathing. There are also horse riding, kite boarding and other water activities.

Huahin is clean and safe and a friendly place for retirees to call it home. As a retiree, you can rent a condo for $350 USD near the beach, and eat out as a couple for about $10 to $15 per day.


As years go by, Huahin has attracted more expats and retirees and it has become a favorite tourist destination. Therefore, the medical facilities have started to improve as well.

Bangkok Hospital Huahin is a great boost and an improvement for the standard health care in Huahin. The best medical care can be expected as the doctors and nurses have all been trained in Bangkok. It has a full range of medical services, women’s care, general surgery, urology, dental eye and other clinics. If treatment cannot be given patients are referred to Bangkok.

Another private hospital is San Paulo. Their accident and emergency wards are efficient. They have comfortable rooms and patient care is excellent. Health insurance is recommended as it is quite pricey at this hospital.

Huahin hospital is a public hospital and it can be very busy. It is a good option for minor injuries or ailments. It is the cheapest so far among the 3 hospitals.

Events and festivals

The annual Hua Hin Jazz Festival is one of the famous festivals in Huahin. Musicians and visitors from all over Thailand and abroad come and visit to perform. All music and performances are free and the audience sits on the beach and enjoys the party atmosphere and wonderful music.

The Huahin Regatta is a sailing contest is organized by the Yacht Racing Association of Thailand and held in August each year in honor of the King, who is known to have a keen interest in sailing.

The Preserve Hua Hin concert is another charitable event organized by the local Preserve Hua Hin Group, an annual evening concert is held in December at Hin Lek Fai hill to raise awareness about local environmental issues.

Huahin is a nice place to retire because it has a mix of everything. Retirement life in Huahin looks fun and exciting with its beaches, food and festival not to mention the friendly community spirit among locals and expats. Other locations in Thailand such as retirement in Bangkok and Pattaya have also been covered. Speak to a lawyer in Phuket for more information and assistance with your retirement in Thailand.

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