Retire in Pattaya

Retire in Pattaya they said! If you like neon lights, loud music and the fast life in your retirement in Thailand then Pattaya is the place to retire. Pattaya has changed over the last 10 years as investments have rolled in. If you wish to retire in Pattaya then you would be best served to first visit the city and see for yourself if you would enjoy your retirement in Pattaya.

Retire in Pattaya

The demographics are also changing for Pattaya as more families arrive to stay at one of the many high-end resorts in Pattaya.


With the changing face of Pattaya you have also seen a large change in the property options availed to those who retire in Pattaya. There are the small condo units of about 50 square meters which have become popular with people who retire with a not so great pension and just enough to make the requirements for a retirement visa in Thailand. These are not half bad as most of the units tends to be sold to expats so the English language will always be heard.

You also get you large upscale developments such as those from Raimon Land who are property developers with an excellent reputation in the property market. Note however that if you are buying a unit and not renting that you need to ensure that you are well within Thai law. Thai law does not allow all the condo units to be bought by foreigners. Foreigners may only hold 49% of the units. Many place the unit into the name of a Thai company but this becomes complex and you need to speak to a lawyer about this.


There are a number of good hospitals in Pattaya however it would be best to stick to the two main hospitals. The first is Pattaya International which is a private hospital in Pattaya itself. They have an excellent reputation with expats in Thailand. There is also Pattaya-Bangkok International which is a short ride out of Pattaya itself. These hospitals are Western style and the level of English is very good. You can see the other page on this website about Healthcare in Thailand for more information.


It’s Pattaya and there is entertainment wherever you look. There are a number of restaurants in Pattaya both high-end and lower end. Many tend to go for breakfast at the large malls in Pattaya. This  where they offer good clean breakfast on the cheap. Tops Supermarket is still well liked by expats for good food both breakfast and dinner. You have to go early morning though as it fills up quickly. There is not much to do in Pattaya outside of the bars, nightclubs and shopping. So you will find many expats tend to gather at the markets. Many on Beach road to talk to each other.

Overall Pattaya is a good place to retire however it is always good to have a hobby. Many tend to spend their days laying on the beach reading a book or browse the internet. Pattaya is a very transient place as expats come and go on a yearly bases. Also it’s always full of tourists. If you like the nightlife then it’s for you. If you prefer a location with more options then there is Bangkok. Maybe if you really prefer the farmlands and peace and quiet. Then Chiang Mai and Issaan is what you are looking for.

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