Retire Happy in Thailand

You can now retire happy in Thailand. Thailand is known for its beautiful beaches, a laid back lifestyle where one can enjoy and stay long-term. Siam has become popular as a retirement destinations for foreigners.

Retire Happy in Thailand

It is a tropical paradise that is a major hub of Asia. The country is famous for its food, culture and colorful holidays. You can retire with quality without spending too much. If you want to retire in Thailand some conditions and documents are required prior to applying for a retirement visa. Thailand gives a Non-O-A for foreigners who want to retire in Thailand, but before that let’s answer some questions below.

 Ask yourself first

  1. Are you willing to live in a new country with an open mind? New culture, food, weather, language, people, ways, mores and norms.
  2. Are you willing to embrace a new life in Thailand and be ready for another best chapter of your life?
  3. Also are you ready to spend your hard earned money and retire in Thailand?
  4. Are you ready to travel and enjoy more of your retirement?

If you answered at least 2 of these questions why not come and consider Thailand as a place to retire, so let’s start planning in getting a retirement visa for you.

Guide in getting a Non-O-A visa

  1. You must at least be 50 years old, with a valid passport at least one year before its expiry date.
  2. Proof of funds ( 800,000 baht )
  3. Application form for the retirement visa

The visa is valid for 90 days upon entering Thailand. The 90 day period is given to extend the visa to retirement visa.  Some requirements are being changed so it is advisable to keep updated on the latest visa changes. The documents below are needed to apply for the retirement visa.

Guide in getting a retirement visa

  1. Passport ( proof of 50 years of age)
  2. Application form for extending the retirement visa
  3. Proof of funds in a Thai bank ( 800,000 baht or monthly income or pension of 65,000 baht)
  4. Map of the apartment or house in Thailand
  5. 4×5 cm size photos ( 3 pcs)
  6. Medical certificate

Additional reminders:

A one-time show and appearance are required at the Immigration office once the retirement visa is approved. Passport must be presented and personally sign the visa paperwork in the presence of the Immigration staff. Upon approval, the passport will be stamped.   You must appear in person with your passport and sign the visa paperwork in the presence of the Immigration staff. The Immigrant staff puts a stamp in the passport at the time of approval.

Retirement Visa restrictions

The retirement visa allows a year stay in Thailand for one year. Working or finding an employment is not allowed using the retirement visa. The Immigration also requires reporting every 90 days or 3 months to verify of check of your current address in Thailand.

If you plan to travel to other neighboring countries from Thailand, a re-entry permit (1000 baht single entry and 3800 multiple entry) should be secured before you leave. Without re-entry permit, you will lose your visa and have to start the whole process of applying again.

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