Retire in Bangkok

Understand how to retire in Bangkok. If you love the big city then Bangkok is a good place to retire. It does not have the atmosphere of Pattaya and it does not have the laid back lifestyle of Chiang Mai however it has loads to offer.

Retire in Bangkok

There are a number of areas to live in Bangkok. See other retirement locations. Most Japanese expats live in the Phrom Phong area of Bangkok while your Koreans prefer the Sukhumvit area near the BTS. Westerns are however all over.


Bangkok has everything from the low end 3,000 Baht per month apartments to the more luxury 20,000 Baht per month apartments. If you are looking for accommodation in the centre of Bangkok then apartments near to the BTS and MRT tend to be more expensive. As a rule, the closer to the rail system you get the more expensive it becomes.

Many expats in Thailand teach English so many will be living in the more far our locations such as Minburi or Nonthaburi City. Those married to Thai’s also tend to live outside of the main city centre and only travel into Bangkok when there is a need. Accommodation outside the main city tends to be very low. You can still get a 3 bedroomed house for about 8,000 Baht per month. If you are buying property then always speak to a lawyer as the property laws in Thailand are complex and it’s always best to do a due diligence on the property before you embark on buying property as there are many property scams.

Health Care:

In Bangkok there are a number of private hospitals. Many of these private hospitals offer expatriate packages for annual check-ups. The larger hospitals such as Bangkok Hospital and Bumrungrad Hospital are well known and the levels of English at these hospitals are very good. They have an excellent reputation in Thailand. The costs of healthcare in Thailand is not as expensive as it is in the West. You can see the article on Healthcare in Thailand for more details about typical costs for medical care in Thailand. If you are retiring in Thailand then you should consider BUPA as a medical aid as they offer many discounts to foreigners in Thailand. The cost is more than reasonable considering the ages which they insure.


Entertainment in Bangkok can be found being for all tastes. If you don’t like Pattaya but like to have a drink and enjoy the nightlife. Then the Soi Cowboy area is well known in Thailand. There is also the upper-class bars such as Q Bar and Ocean Bangkok. These are all very interesting and a great way to spend your evening or afternoons. There are a number of public parks if you wish to get out of the rat race of Bangkok but there are also any options for reading with B2S the large books stores, loads of Malls and also very easy to get around with the mass transit system.

Bangkok is also home to many Art museums both classical and contemporary art. With many temples and shrines all over Bangkok. You simply cannot get bored in Bangkok. If you do then there is a 3 hour ride by bus to Pattaya. Also an overnight ride to Chiang Mai and Issaan.

Bangkok overall is a good place to retire. This if you wish to have access to more options. Having said that however pollution and traffic near the city can be a nightmare. Motorcycle accidents are also more common in Bangkok and Pattaya than in the rural areas of Thailand. You decide where you wish to retire in Thailand.

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