Retirement in Hua Hin

Retirement in Hua Hin is explained here. Hua Hin tends to attract expatriate couples who wish to retire in Thailand. Very few couples retire in Pattaya or Bangkok however with great beaches and an excellent golf course in Hua Hin.

Retirement in Hua Hin

 Hua Hin as a city has something to offer both. See Bangkok and Chiang Mai for a brief review as well. The city is not very big and it is also home to the summer palace of The King of Thailand. Over the past 9 years there has been an increase in property available for expats as more property developers see this as a growing market.


The main difference between Hua Hin and other retirement locations in Thailand is that many foreigners in Hua Hin tend to buy their retirement property. Apartments are also not as common as the expat property market tends to be middle class Westerners looking for a villa or house in the area. Buying property in Thailand not so much an apartment but a house of villa comes with its issues as foreigners are not allowed to own land in Thailand except under very strict and very limiting rules which requires government approval. To counter this many own their home in the name of a Thai company.Retirement in Hua Hin can become complex when dealing with property.

This is the reason why when you but in Thailand many times you buy a company that holds the property and not the property itself. Speak to a property lawyer about these issues before you buy. Property close to the beach will set you back 5 million THB – 8 million THB per Rai of land. There is also The Banyan which runs for 8 million THB with 2,000 Rai of land to the property. You also find your more (less luxurious) 2 million THB properties in expat property developments. Renting in the area will set you back 7-10,000 THB per month for a modest house or apartment. Retire in Hua Hin if you really have money however with any property — lawyer first.


Healthcare in Hua Hin is good with many excellent hospitals. The pricing will differ however many expats tend to use San Paulo Hua-Hin Hospital which is a private hospital and the first for the city. The cheapest private hospital room rate starts at nearly 4000 baht including service costs. There is also Hua Hin Hospital which is an excellent public hospital and for those seeking alternative therapies there is also Chiva-Som Health Resort. You can find more on Healthcare in Thailand on this website for average prices in Thailand.


Hua Hin is not Pattaya then again it is not Chiang Mai either. There are excellent golf courses in the area. As well as a short 3 hour ride to Bangkok if you are looking for something else. There is the annual Jazz Festival which is great and very popular. There are many live bands at the pubs and restaurant’s. El Murphy’s Irish bar in Soi Selakam plays heavy rock while Jimmy’s Bar plays a mixture of music on rotation. There is also the ever-popular Hilton Disco and many other options to keep you entertained.

If you are considering retiring in Hua Hin. Then this should give you an overview of the place, pricing and healthcare which are the most important issues for expats in Thailand.

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