Retirement Visa

See what the retirement visa  has to offer. If you have decided to retire then Thailand would be a good place to consider retirement. If you wish to retire to Thailand then you need to meet the following requirements for the Thai O-A visa.

Retirement Visa

This visa is also known as the being the retirement visa for Thailand. These are the current requirements for the visa however they do change so always check with a lawyer for any changes to the requirements of the visa. If you are married to a Thai then you can apply for a Thai marriage visa which has lower financial requirements and far less red tape.

The process starts with the Thai Embassy in your country or at any of the other Thai Embassies in Asia. You have to apply for the Thai “O-A” visa also known as the Thai retirement visa. The documents needed would be the following basic documents however each embassy has its own rules. These are the basic documents needed for the Thai Embassy in your home country or in Asia.

  • – Copy of your passport (Proof that you are over 50 years of age)
  • – Also a copy of application form for your retirement visa
  • – Copy of proof of funds in a Thai bank account (not all Thai Embassies)

These are the documents needed. Some Thai Embassies especially in Asia and if you have had a retirement visa issued to you before will want to see proof of funds. Most times it is to ensure that you are not abusing the visa process and that you have the ability to extend the visa once back in Thailand. Depending on the Embassy the visa issued can take 2-3 days with many issuing the visa overnight.

Retirement Visa Documents

Once you enter Thailand the visa is now valid for 90 days. You have this time to extend the visa to a retirement visa. Once again you will need all the needed documents to complete the process. Again these requirements do change so always keep abreast of the latest visa changes.

  • – Copy of your passport (Proof that you are over 50 years of age)
  • – Copy of application form for extending your retirement visa
  • – Also a copy of proof of funds in a Thai bank account (800,000THB or an income of 65,000THB)
  • – Copy of letter from Embassy if it is a government pension
  • – As well as a copy of map to your house/apartment in Thailand
  • – Copy of medical certificate

These are the documents that are normally needed to extend your retirement visa to a 12 month visa in Thailand. Note that you are not allowed to work while holding on this visa. If you do apply for a work permit your work permit will be take your right to stay in Thailand over from the visa. If you lose your work permit then you would have to leave the country and start the visa process again.

Note that if you will be leaving Thailand while on an extended visa then you need to apply for a re-entry permit which will allow you back into Thailand and to continue the extended visa where you left off. If you do not leave Thailand with a re-entry permit you will much like the work permit lose your visa and will have to start the process again from scratch.

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