Thai Prenuptial Agreement

A Prenuptial Agreement, also known as ante nuptial or premarital contract. The Thai prenuptial agreement is a document that both spouses sign before getting married. This contract provides a plan for your finances, which can be supervised through the whole duration of the marriage. Also when the break-up of the marriage (example: death or divorce). It would be very good for those who have significant assets and properties who wish to manage the distribution of the assets upon divorce or death.

Thai Prenuptial Agreement

In accordance with Thai Law. The prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are two different types of agreements. Though both are related to the assets of both spouses, but the prenuptial agreement will have a much stronger stand under the Thai Law than the postnuptial.

A Prenuptial Agreement is a contract, made between you and your future spouse, containing an outline of your separate assets and liabilities before you get married. It also states the arrangements of your property rights after the marriage, in case of a divorce or death.

Western Prenuptial Agreement

You may feel a little doubtful on signing a binding contract declaring all your assets and liabilities. Having a Prenuptial Agreement in Thailand before getting married has a number of benefits. Aside from just securing your personal property. It also helps secure your Thai Prenuptial Agreementfamily assets and business holdings. In an event of a divorce, a Prenuptial Agreement makes sure that you are protected. Both from debts incurred by your spouse. It also assigns financial responsibility for your children. This as well as contingency that explains custody and other rights.

Hence, it is suggested that you hire the services of an established Thai Law firm to layout a Thai Prenuptial Agreement after an in-depth evaluation of your separate assets and liabilities. A Thai lawyer is also your best reference for legal counsel before taking the big step. So better yet ask their advice today to save more time and money than going after your assets later.

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