Marriage Registration

Planning to get married and need to know about your marriage registration? Where will we go? If you have plans in getting married, then one must know the best place to go where the process is quick and less complicated. Also, you need to have an idea and know the basic requirements for the marriage registration procedure.

Marriage Registration

Most people who are marrying a Thai national normally seek guidance from lawyers in Thailand to deal all the legalities once in Thailand. For foreigners getting married in Thailand, the process begins at your local Embassies in Bangkok. Most embassies issues an affidavit and certified copies of your passports within the date of your visit, however, some may take a while as well and may sometimes require an appointment to be booked before visiting the embassy itself. This is called the letter of affirmation. There would also be additional documents required by your embassies, such as if divorced, a divorce certificate must be presented on the date of your visit to the embassies.

It is always best to start and plan the process on the first working day of the week, to avoid any delays that may occur. Once you have obtained the documents from your embassies, then the next step will follow smoothly.

Marriage registration requirements

The documents will be all written and issued by your embassies in English language and this should be translated into Thai language.  And it must go through the legalization process which will be done at the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It takes at least 2-3 working days for the said process. In this office, your documents will be checked and stamped. Once done, you may now have to take the certificate to any of the local District Offices in Thailand. District offices are called the “Amphur”, and together with your fiancé/e, marriage registration shall take place. You will be asked for witnesses and will be issued Marriage documents on the time of registration.

Procedures do change and rules are being updated in Thailand most of the time. So, it is always best to check on the latest modifications with an immigration lawyer. If you are retired then consider all your options such as a prenuptial agreement and your visa status.

If you are looking for information about the Thai legal marriage registration, then search this website: for more details.