Last Will in Thailand

This is your Last Will in Thailand segment. Foreigners having close ties with Thailand, being married to a Thai national or having a second home in Thailand can make a Will under Thai law for their properties and assets and to appoint the law of Thailand to manage the flow of their estate. This Thai Last Will can also cover a certain limitation as to the effect of the will only to specific assets located in the country. See also the living will while on the website.

Last Will in Thailand

By making a Last Will, you must make sure that your Foreign Will does not include Thailand and any existing Last Will you make in another country does not intervene or supersede the dispositions under your Will.

The list below enumerates the information you need to include in your Thai Will.

Full Name of testator, Date of Birth, Address, Nationality and Passport number;

Details concerning the heirs: Full Names, Dates of Birth, Address, Nationality, substitutes in case the heir pre-decease the testator;

Executor of the Will or administrator of your estate;

Names and addresses of executors. You can appoint one executor and a court appointed substitute in case the executor pre-decease;


Full details of names and ID card or passport of witnesses;

Funeral requirements;

Last Will in ThailandYou should also specify money or property that you want to give away to certain people which are not included in your General Will. As well as jewellery or cash legacies, you should state the amount of gift and full details of the legalities. Other concerns are as follows:

If you want to designate a guardian for your children in Thailand (minors only).

also if you want to leave a property here to a minor.

It is strongly advised to have a list of all your assets and liabilities here. Then attached with a copy of your Will. This could include house details, contents, car, jewellery or cash in the bank, stocks and partnership shares and other assets and liabilities here.

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