Divorce in Thailand

Divorce has been the last option for couples who wish to end their marriages. This decision is not an easy one to make and there are conditions before going through this process.Always take legal advice from an attorney while in Thailand and considering getting a divorce in Thailand.

The 2 methods of Divorce in Thailand are:

First, Contested Divorce proceeding, this may very well be costly. Second, the Uncontested Divorce process, that is definitely cost effective and is often referred to as an Administrative Divorce.

Most Thai nationals tend to settle by way of a divorce agreement however there are instances where child custody may be an issue and you end up with a contested divorce. It is always better to take legal advice in these situations. With the changing face of Thailand due to international business, retirement as well as tourism new found relationships have started but with a difference in language and culture divorces have also followed.

Normally during a divorce most people would opt for an uncontested divorce and have a divorce agreement drafted. This is normally done where the marriage was registered in Thailand. If you registered the marriage at the Amphur in Minburi then you will normally get divorced at the same district office. You can get divorced at other district offices but they might need to obtain further documents from where you had registered the marriage in the first place.

Foreigners are best advised to seek the services of an attorney before starting the divorce process. If this is an unopposed divorce an attorney is still going to need to draft the divorce agreement and with an opposed divorce then litigation is going to be required. The Thai courts are lenient with regards to foreigners being present at court during a divorce and will state when this is needed so that you can return to Thailand for certain parts of the divorce.

Also take legal advice when contemplating getting a divorce in Thailand.


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