Common Thai words

Here are some of the most common Thai words.If you are going to retire in Thailand then you might as well learn basic Thai words and sentences. See the article on this website about learning the Thai language for some more information.

The following words are basic Thai words and sentences which are most commonly used. You simply need to pronounce the words correctly.

Sawatdee (krub/kah)  Hello
Sabai dee mai (krub/kah)  How are you?
Sabai dee (krub/kah)  Fine
Khob Khun (kup/kaa) Thank you
chai Yes
mai chai No
dai (you/ I) can
mai dai can not
mai pen rai never mind (handy all-purpose phrase to express the Thai go-with-the-flow attitude)
pood Thai mai dai I cannot speak Thai.
kow jai mai do you understand?
mai kow jai I do not understand
nee Tao Rai? How much?
pang expensive
pang mak very expensive
lot noi dai mai can you give a little discount
took cheap
naam water
chok dee good luck
sanaam bin Airport
ron hot
nao cold
hong naam toilet
naam keng ice
nit noi small – not much – a little bit
yai large
bia beer
soopburi smoke (inhale cigarette smoke)
neung 1
song 2
sam 3
see 4
haa 5
hok 6
jet 7
paed 8
gow 9
sip 10
sip-et 11
sip-song 12
yee sip 20
saam sip 30
roi/loi 100




































If you are male then you will always add the word ‘krub’ after each sentence. If you have read the other page on Thai pronunciation then you would know that you don’t hear the ‘r’ and in this case it simply falls away. It now simply sounds like ’cup’. If you are female it would be ‘kah’. You will learn more common words the longer you live in Thailand. Depending on what you are doing in Thailand the language tends to revolve around this. These common Thai words will help you. If you use the taxi everyday then you will learn directions and locations faster than anything else simply because it is needed. The more interaction you have with Thai’s the more you will learn the language and build from there.

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